Yeah, what Frank said! Great work on spreading the word Stathis, also thank you 
for sharing your experience.

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> Hello my friends,
> With this mail I wanted to inform you that I participated to FOSSCOMM [1], 
> Greek annual conference of open source communities.
> I had the first presentation after keynote speak (at other room though). I 
> presented how to use ownCloud and I showed what I did at home (use ownCloud 
> on Raspberry Pi).
> There were about 40-50 people in the room. They were interested about the 
> security of the services, how I set it up at home (with Raspberry Pi), some 
> of them were asking if it's possible to install it on rented host they have. 
> I think I failed to explain that this is not dropbox that gives you space but 
> the software you install and you set the disk space you want. I cleared this 
> up though. They liked it very much.
> A friend told me that they installed it at the university. They use an older 
> version though. He told me that he might propose something to university (I 
> didn't understand what though since I was too tired from previous 
> presentations).
> I also had a small booth there. I had brochures and buttons I gave away. 
> People were asking me also what is ownCloud (they weren't at the 
> presentation).
> Since people from all around Greece were there, I managed to give some swag 
> to people I know from many LUGs. I hope they'll present it to their group of 
> people and they'll start using it.
> So I have not enough of them left for future events. I guess I can cover 2 
> smaller events. For sure not the openSUSE conference (just in case someone 
> -KLAAS- wants to have a booth).
> You can see some pictures to my report [2]. Organizers will gather all the 
> pictures from everyone. When I have them, I'll update my post. Also they edit 
> the videos. I'll update my post as well.
> Have phun,
> /Stathis
> [1]
> [2] 
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