there is the annual German Ubuntu Users Conference (if you dislike Canonical: is is fully community driven), this year taking place in Heidelberg in October [1][2]. At Ubucon other Ubuntu flavors are highly welcome (I say it as Kubuntu user).

In the past two years I have been giving talks and a workshop about ownCloud. The ownCloud talks [3] have always been well-visited, the app dev workshop not so much. However, I will probably not be able to attend this year. Since it would be sad not to have a talk this year again, maybe someone of you wants to propose a talk (or workshop or discussion).


[1] http://ubucon.de/2013 (German)
[2] CfP: http://ubucon.de/2013/cfp (German)
[3] last year`s: https://minion.arthur-schiwon.de/ovin/public.php?service=files&file=%2Farthur%2Ffiles%2FPublic%2FownCloud%20-%20Ubucon%202012%20Berlin%20-%20arthur.pdf

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