As announced at the openSUSE Conference 2013, this years openSUSE
conference will take place in Dubrovnik, Croatia. This beautiful city
will welcome us Geekos from the 24th to the 28th of April. The team
has been hard at work to prepare things and below they start by giving
you a taste of the city, the venue and themselves!

The openSUSE conference traditionally has a theme. This year, the
theme is: "The Strength to Change".

Change has been a constant in Free Software. With the rise of mobile
devices and the associated operating systems like Android and
Chromebooks, we have to adopt as a project. We discussed strategy
again on our mailing lists and by the time of the conference, we can
hopefully all talk together and come to some conclusions. Change is
never easy, but it is important!

Session proposals that connect in a meaningful way with change and
strength would be appreciated!

End user track (Geeko Enthusiast):
The user track provides the opportunity for the power users of any
application to share their knowledge and share tricks they apply to
get the most out of the applications they use. Know of a non-obvious
but very useful feature, present it's usage to fellow Geekos and users
in this track. Topics include, but not limited to, applications,
desktop environments, multimedia solutions and games.

Business track (Geeko for suits):
The business track provides the opportunity for those that use
openSUSE and/or FOSS in their business to describe the unique
challenges they face. This includes, but not limited to, issues and
solutions of interfacing with regulatory institutions, other business,
staff training, and changing technology course.

Community and Project (Geekos around the world):
Sessions in this area should focus on project and community activities,
including, but not limited to, project governance, marketing, artwork
and advocate reports. In many cases, this sessions bring a strong
sense of unity to the project as a whole as we discuss some of the
unique challenges that an Open Source Community confronts. If you have
ideas that can help a community be stronger, join this track.

Technology & Development (Geeko tech):
Sessions in this area should focus on system technology and
distribution development. Including, but not limited to, software
packaging, development/testing/debugging tools/practices/methods.
software, deployment strategies and monitoring. These sessions will
help a few of our members gain understanding of the many tools they
can use when working in development for the distribution and other
exciting projects.

You can send in proposals until February 28 but the sooner the better
as we will start accepting submissions on February 14.

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