Hi all,

I'll organize the LinuxTag Booth this year. LinuxTag, taking place during May 
8-10, is different this year - they have partnered with Droidcon and 
Re:Publica for their event, moved to a new location. Brand new!

I have proposed to do something different than a normal booth, too. I'm 
involved with KDE, openSUSE and ownCloud so I thought the three could do 
something cool this year ;-)

The plan is this: We get an area with a few rows of chairs and a projector. 
Every hour, we host a 45 minute workshop there. Examples:
* testing Linux distro's with openQA
* writing an ownCloud App
* Building a basic QML Plasma App
The schedule will probably be: 10-12 and 13-17, so ~6 talks/day.

People get something for participating - nothing big, just a few nice 

On the sides of this area, we have our booths: the traditional table with 
material and somebody around to ask questions from.

All this should of course make 'our' area much more interesting and give 
opportunities to talk to people.

LinuxTag liked the idea, so did the openSUSE board, KDE and ownCloud so they 
all tasked me with making it happen.

Now I need you. I need volunteers who are willing to give a short workshop on 
an ownCloud subject. Building an ownCloud app is an obvious example, another 
might be "first steps with PHP" or something. Each volunteer gives one 
workshop per day, three times in total thus. You'll also be at the booth a 
bit but we have >6 people for one table so that won't be much either. Plenty 
of time to enjoy LT! Also, you get to enter the Re:Publica exhibition area, 
which is awesome. We can take at most 2 volunteers (if you give a talk at LT 
you get a ticket already).

Anybody interested?

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