I'm not aware of any upcoming news during or around may 8-10, anybody else?

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Subject: [Projects-Announce] Any releases planned for LinuxTag? Send us your 
Date: Thursday 01 May 2014, 01:21:56
From: Elke Moritz <mor...@linuxtag.org>
To: projects-annou...@linuxtag.org
CC: proje...@linuxtag.org <proje...@linuxtag.org>, Nils Magnus 

Dear Projects!

Nils is working on the last press releases for LinuxTag and wants to 
know if you have any software releases planned for LinuxTag. Any awesome 
never-seen-before features that you want to show for the first time at 
LinuxTag? Or do you have any announcements to make during LinuxTag that 
you want the press to know? Any highlights that you would like to announce?

Please send this info to us by the end of this week so that we can send 
out the press release on Monday morning!

Thanks for your help!


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