On Wednesday 12 November 2014 13:00:37 Efstathios Iosifidis wrote:
> Hello community,
> Today I'll present how to use ownCloud at a series of presentations
> about FOSS programs and how they can be used at businesses.
> Here is the site http://goo.gl/66oexk
> First of all, I'll do an intro about what was the problem and what the
> cloud services stand for. Then I'll start a small "workshop".
> They setup an instance with 35 accounts. I'll tell them to upload a
> file, share it, share it within a group, create calendar entry,
> contact entry.
> I think I have couple of stickers that Jos gave me during last
> openSUSE conference and I might have some pins (not sure how many, but
> I'll give them).
> I might have a liveISO if anyone wants to take with him/her.
> After I finish, I'll write a blogpost with the report with pictures.

Awesome, looking forward to the blog post!

I have other good news: we've ordered the printing of new materials (flyers 
and posters) and I'll be able to send that out next week ;-)

> Have phun,
> Stathis

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