Hello everyone,
My name is Igor Pucarevic, and I'm a systems and networks administrator, with a lit-o-bit of programming knowledge. Since all kind of clouds came to life, I was amazed with their possibilities, but at the same time I was worried about so many things, like security and integrity, accessibility and redundancy, and so on... One of things I like the most is to try new programs and features, especially open source, as that's where the good things come from ; ) I must admit that the idea of an own personal cloud, made me reconsider the use of a raspberry Pi, which I got to learn more about programming and electronics. Now there's a full grown apache sever running my ownCloud stack on this little peace of electronics, and with a lit-o-bit of hackin', this little cloud can operate on any location, with a plug'n'play-like features. I'm really amazed with the possibilities of the ownCloud and I have wonderful plans for the future of this project! I would also like to know if there are enough people in the vicinity of Düsseldorf or Köln, or anywhere NRW, Germany, willing to organize a meetup in a near future?
Best regards and good wishes,
Igor Pucarevic

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