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Am 15.02.15 um 15:48 schrieb Raju D. Vindane:
Just Introducing myself to the List, and what I did recently

I am an Engineering Student, Part time SysAdmin at a company

  and an Open Source enthusiast from Pune, India.

I just discovered the awesomeness of ownCloud about a couple of weeks
And was pretty excited about it. I installed a server on my system
and was amazed with the
features and easiness by which I can get my own cloud instance up and

I wanted to give a talk at GNUnify.in and the CFPs were out. Then
took a look at https://owncloud.org/events/
And submitted for a talk at the event.

The event occurred on 13-14 Feb 15 at Pune. I talked about "Creating
your own cloud Server using OwnCloud " there at the event.
It was an awesome experience there.  Details about my talk can be
found here.


I will talk about ownCloud at more conferences and events. And
looking forward to contributing in development of ownCloud as well.

Thanks a lot to the OwnCloud People.
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Hello Raju,

welcome to our a bit silent list.

Best regards to India.
Thanks Mark, Thanks for the reply. I just thought I won't get any reply
I thought that I should post this on some other Mailing list of OwnCloud.
Hope my Involvement with OC goes well.
Well, you gave the talk - I managed to put it up on owncloud.org/events in
time, still there ;-)

Any pictures? That would be cool!
Thanks a lot Jos putting the event up on the owncloud.org/Events page. A big thanks for that:-)
I'll try to get some pictures from the organizers of my talk.

Will inform you of any new conferences where I'll be speaking about ownCloud.

OC Rocks,

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