2015-03-14 0:42 GMT+02:00 Zacharias Mitzelos <mit...@mitzelos.com>:
> Dear owncloud community,
> The FOSS community of the University of the Aegean in the island of
> Samos, will organize at Saturday 14/3, a 2-hour workshop about owncloud.
> At first we will make a small presentation about owncloud and present
> what it is, and what are the advantages of owncloud against other cloud
> storage platforms. Then, we will show how easy it is to install owncloud
> at your webserver, and show the necessary configuration, so that each
> student at the end of the workshop will have a personalized,
> ready-to-go, owncloud instance.

Hello Zacharia,

Happy to hear that.
Me and Salih did something for Monades Aristias. Let us know if you
need anything.

Also, I copy>paste part of Jos' mail:

We have slides you could use on https://github.com/owncloud/promo see
the presentation materials folder. If you need anything else, let this
list know!

Have phun with Antonis and Giannis ;-)

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