Hi all,

So Chemnitzer Linux Tage was awesome. We had some nice devices with us: a 
Raspberry Pi 2 and a Banana Pi. Installed ownCloud on them and then used a 
'normal' computer with monitor to show how to share links between ownClouds! 
Pretty cool.

Same as at FOSDEM and SCALE, everybody was really nice and positive about 
ownCloud. That makes for an awesome time at the booth.

Frank also gave a talk last weekend, at the LibrePlanet event at MIT in 
Cambridge, USA. He said everybody was also very nice and impressed. Looks like 
we should do as many events as possible ;-)

There will be some more, I'm currently updating http://owncloud.org/events 
with the new and old ones.

Some pics here: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+JosPoortvliet/posts/dsXFyDLbpsv

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responsible for changes in the world, nor my view on it. Everything I say is 
meant in a positive and friendly way, unless explicitly stated otherwise.
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