Hello ownClouders,

On Sunday April 5th, I'll present how to choose cloud services (will
cover the pcivacy part of cloud) and why ownCloud is your option?

The subjects I'll analyze are:
1. What is the initial need that cloud technology covers
2. Difference between "bad"-"good" cloud service
3. Intro to ownCloud. What are the new features?
4. Basic use as home based cloud service (how to use apps, how to use
it and be Google services free on Android phones).
5. Join the community. Future events etc.

I'll discuss what subjects do they want to cover on future meetup. I
was thinking to have a hack session in the afternoon for those who
want to join us. But maybe it's too much for one day.
Surely we'll have a meetup after 2-3 weeks.

@Jos, please add it on events site.
The place is GreekLUG (Unfortunately, their site is under construction

Soon, I'll have the poster.
I'll have the facebook and google plus event ready. I'll send links here.

GreekLUG has some broshures that Jos sent me.
As far as I know, many Greek insiders will be there.

We'll have fun.

PS: Just for your info, our Easter is on April 12th.

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