Hi all!

It has been rather quiet on this list... But there are events coming again, 
next year! First on my mind are SCALE and FOSDEM. Yeah, I'm still recovering 
from the ownCloud Conf in Berlin but - the CfP's are open and it is time to 
start preparing.

January 21-24, 2016
Pasadena Convention Center
Pasadena, California, USA

30 & 31 January 2016 
Brussels, Belgium

Now I for one would love to run a booth at both these events - but I can't do 
it alone. So - who of you wants to join? We'll have some travel support 
available, if you need it to make it to the event. You can mail me privately 
about that.

Who's up for it?

Everything I do and say is based on my view of the world today. I am not 
responsible for changes in the world, nor my view on it. Everything I say is 
meant in a positive and friendly way, unless explicitly stated otherwise.
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