My name is Andreas Willich and one of the organizers of the Linuxwochen Vienna, 
Austria (Linuxwochen = Linuxweeks).
The Linuxwochen Wien (Linuxweeks Vienna) are currently looking for lectures and 

The Linuxwochen Vienna is a 3-days conference will take place this year from 
April 28th until April 30th at the FH Technikum Wien 
(http://www.technikum-wien.at/en/ <http://www.technikum-wien.at/en/>).

Our Topics include but are not limited to:
- IT Security & Privacy
- System administration
- Open Source Software Development
- OpenHardware / DIY / 3D-Print
- Sustainability / GreenIT
- Linux & Open Source for first-timers

Like in the previous 16 years Linuxwochen Vienna are not limited to Linux but 
do represent the Open Source Idea in all it's facets. 
Diversity ranges from OpenSourceSeeds to an OpenSource lawn mower, from 
OpenSource microchip-design to 3D-printing the casing. 

Here are our schedules from the previous years:

2015 https://cfp.linuxwochen.at/en/LWW15/public/schedule 
2014 https://cfp.linuxwochen.at/en/LWW14/public/schedule 

We are eager to get lectures and workshops aiming at first-timers and more 
advanced users.
As our main audience are german speaking, we would prefer the lectures in 
We expect about 1000 - 1500 visitors on the 3 days.

If you have additional questions, simply send me an e-mail.
To submit lectures/workshops please use our cfp-manager: 

I am looking forward to hear from you!

Greetings from Austria

Andreas Willich
Linuxwochen Programm Team
http://linuxwochen.at/ <http://linuxwochen.at/>
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