Am 28.12.2015 um 18:34 schrieb Ashley Anderson:
> Hello all, and thank you tremendously for your contributions to the
> Suse/OpenSuse projects.  I have been watching the email list for about 6
> months now.  January 2016 is just days away, and I have not heard or
> found any updates to OpenSuse 13.1 going evergreen.  I have 2 OS 13.1
> vms used in our production systems.  I am looking for info on what is
> needed in order to move them to an evergreen configuration.  If I am
> emailing the wrong group, my sincerest apologies.  Any info would be
> greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advanced, and Happy New Years all!

the plan is: You do not have to do anything.
At some point the official updates will end and the Evergreen updates
will arrive using the same channel. This is different to the past.


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