Am 29.12.2015 um 20:28 schrieb Simon Becherer:
> Hi wolfgang,
> try to ask you again to update the flash player ...
> i have no idear how to do anithing with the build enviorement,
> only local builds i am able to do, but then i still did not know
> how to implement missing fixes.......

hmm, flash player should be rather easy. I probably can do that.

> ..  and by the way,
> anybody out there who is still using firefox at 11.4 ? and is
> able to do there a update? (wolfgang has done this also
> all the times in the past) - many thanks for this also....

this is by far more complicated. I think I never got 38ESR building on
11.4 and had to drop FF (and TB) support for 11.4.
I'll try again but I expect far too much efforts required in doing so.
There is only very low chance to make this possible.


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