* Wolfgang Rosenauer <wolfg...@rosenauer.org> [01-02-16 05:57]:
> Hi,
> in the past we have used
>   https://www.rosenauer.org/bugs/
> to track the process of maintenance updates for Evergreen releases.
> I've updated all settings there which means it's ready for use again.
> Please note that I don't really want to use it for bugtracking since I
> expect the openSUSE bugzilla can be used still.
> It's really a process or task tracking tool where we collect open update
> tasks and people can assign the task to themselves so others can easily
> see what tasks are still open or already being worked on.
> Related to that please note that there are still a few official updates
> in the queue for regular maintenance and therefore Evergreen/13.1 is not
> fully active yet.
> We will figure out when we can enable the OBS maintenance workflow so it
> does not interfere with official maintenance and we will get a notice
> from regular maintenance team when it's finally handed over.

Thanks for making server installations more maintainable.  Your efforts
are *greatly* appreciated.
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