On Friday 12 February 2016 11:08:11 Fitl, Matthias wrote:
> Hi All,
> as we do still have a lot of servers running with version 13.1 installed.
> Therefor I would appreciate it to install this version on our new servers.
> This leads to the following questions:
> - Will the updates after the installation from the DVD still work? I do not
> have a computer to test this upfront at the moment and the planned
> installation will be done on some computers in parallel.

That generally works, we're doing that each week to reinstall laptops and 
desktops, using the original DVD, and an autoyast setup with post install 
scripts that add in the usual repos including the normal update repo, then 
running an unattended "zypper dup". Keeps working like a charm.

(apart from the fact that currently the recent systemd 210 update breaks 

best regards
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