Am 12.02.2016 um 11:08 schrieb Fitl, Matthias:
> Hi All,
> as we do still have a lot of servers running with version 13.1
> installed. Therefor I would appreciate it to install this version on our
> new servers.
> This leads to the following questions:
> - Will the updates after the installation from the DVD still work? I do
> not have a computer to test this upfront at the moment and the planned
> installation will be done on some computers in parallel.

Nothing changed with update repositories really. Internally updates are
prepared differently but this is transparent to the repos.

> - If this is not possible any more which version (13.2 vs Leap 42) would
> be recommended for a LTS installation?

13.2 is no "LTS" version. If Leap 42 will be usable as kind of LTS for
you is something we will have to figure out with the first "service
pack" or update to 42.2.

> - As far as I could find out the Evergreen service will be available
> until at least until November 2106. Is this a hard limit?

This is no hard limit. It is a limit which was set years ago and a
minimum commitment from the contributors at this time.
So this deadline might change while I'm not that convinced it will.
Compared to the last Evergreen and the group of contributors we even
lost a full resource unfortunately.
So the final Evergreen EOL 13.1 will fully depend on more people
stepping up or not.


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