Hi Adrian,

Am Montag, 21. März 2016, 18:42:48 schrieb Adrian Schröter:
> On Sonntag, 20. März 2016, 18:59:00 wrote Axel Braun:
> > quite sad to hear that SUSE Studio drops openSUSE 13.1!
> > 
> > As 13.1 is Evergreen AND the ast long-term 32bit openSUSE its worth
> > keeping
> > it! Sure, we have 13.2 at the start, but the 13.2 Studio template always
> > caused more trouble than the 13.1 version....
> > 
> > Can we do something from the project side to keep 13.1?
> do you have concrete images in mind or do you think about the general
> offering?

First of all a decent image...as written in the Project -list. I received some 
positive response (as PM) to the posting in the forum, but cant rate the 
percentage of users that would like to use it as well...

> While we remove the easy links to add 13.1 repos in OBS and Studio, you
> can add still add and build appliances for 13.1 afterwards in OBS.
> Christian Bruckmayer implemented also some first code lately to make
> it more easy to import kiwi configurations esp. from Studio into OBS.
> We will have a some howto in the next weeks for this ....

Sounds similar to what Andreas suggested.
After oSC last year I played with Kiwi-Export from machinery into Studio, with 
limited success. Kiwi is obviously not as handy as Studio :-) but if this is a 
way to survive, I'll look into this. Please let me know once it is around!


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