after finally applying the latest kernel updates to our
live system
(now on 3.12.53-40-default #1 SMP Thu Feb 25 06:26:23 UTC 2016 (b2ce64e) x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux)

we noticed haveged cosuming one full cpu constantly.

It looks exactly like this bug here

and indeed, after changing poolsize to 4060 (from 4096) in
everything behaves back normally.
(we never touched haveged before, so 4096 must be system default)

Strangely, this did not affect our other 2 servers with exactly
the same 13.1 evergreen with all latest patches and haveged running
with -w 4096. (and not my home PC also same versions)

Any thoughts ?

(Debian upgraded to 1.9.1-2, it seems, but we are still at
haveged-1.7c-2.1.2.x86_64 !?)

Cheers, Tom.

(Thanks for keeping 13.1 "green"!)

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