On Thu, Mar 31, 2016 at 09:07:10AM +0200, Georg Weickelt wrote:
> After updating the kernel to 3.12.53-40-default samba is no longer
> running smoothly. The smbd process often stands at 100% CPU and can
> not be removed by kill.

Contents of /proc/$pid/stack (where $pid is PID of the process) could be

> From time to time am message like this
> appears:
> BUG: Sooft lockup CPU#0 stuck for 22s smbd-notifyd

When this happens, full kernel log could help with investigating the

Please use bugzilla for reporting bugs. Assign the bug to me
(mkube...@suse.com) or add me to Cc.

                                                          Michal Kubecek

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