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will it be possible to provide an evergreen project for OpenSuSE 13.2?
We are just about to switch to it (from OS 12.2) and would like to
benefit from expanded LTS. We are using Linux on 12.000 PC´s.

if you don't have major reason to use 13.2, prefere 13.1 (present
evergreen) or Leap 42.1 (extended support probable, upgrade easy)

Likely among the 12,000 are 32 bit machines preventing use of 42.1. 13.1 is forecast to remain supported only for a matter of months. For a reasonable support life to justify a switch, Debian 8 or some *buntu release are probably their only options, unless replacing otherwise perfectly useful 32 bit machines, or 13.2 life is extended, or 42.1 is extended to 32 bit.
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