On Sunday 10 April 2016, reinhard hennig wrote:
> Some problems occur switching to leap42.1:
> much more space for storage needed for repos (64bit and 32bit as
> well) that have to be spread in the field via software-delivery (CA).
> We need time to customize a new distribution for our clients. We
> intended to switch to KDE5 from KDE3.5 but my experience so far is
> not encouraging: to much willing and beta-like. OpenSuSE 13.2
> provides the best kde4 ever made suitable for professional usage.
> Leap 42.1 comes along with a mix of KDE4 and 5. Both worlds must be
> customized. As Kiosk for KDE5 is not really working, KDE 3.5 will be
> suffient despite some programs really usable any more (digikam and
> kpdf).
> I think developers should keep an eye on professional users rather
> than inventing nice looking new gadgets.

Hm, IMO admins also need to keep an eye on professional software. They 
need to be able to say good bye if it turns out that some piece of 
formerly beloved software goes into the wrong direction. 

When kde3 maintenance was stopped by upstream in 2008 or 2009 (while 
kde4 was still completely broken) I've learned my lesson and would not 
use kde >=4 again.

If you still like kde3 then you may try Trinity (TDE) or switch to 
something different.

Personally I have still not fully accepted my "openSUSE lesson". I'm 
still using it after 10.x rug/zmd desaster, 11.x kde3/4 desaster and 
12.x half-ready, broken systemd integration. There are almost no 
rationale reasons why I'm still using openSUSE (except nostalgy, too 
lazy to try something else).

Lately I was hoping for the new "SLE-based" LEAP release model. But 
actually it looks like a broken mix of SLE and Tumbleweed. Why it 
doesn't have the same base as SLE-12 as promised (kernel, systemd)?

Also Evergreen (I'm really thankful that this project exists.), is not 
really what I'm looking for. Latest 13.1 systemd and kernel updates 
brought instabilities to my systems.

> How can I encourage you to extend updates for 13.2?

I would not spent resources on 13.2. Better go for the next minor Leap 
update 42.2. openSUSE 13.2 will be still supported 2 more months when 
42.2 comes out. Time to make admin decisions.

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