On Mon, Apr 11, 2016 at 01:00:42PM +0200, Ruediger Meier wrote:
> Lately I was hoping for the new "SLE-based" LEAP release model. But 
> actually it looks like a broken mix of SLE and Tumbleweed. Why it 
> doesn't have the same base as SLE-12 as promised (kernel, systemd)?

Can't talk about systemd but for kernel, the answer is well known. At
the time of 42.1 release, SLE kernel would mean 3.12 one from SLE12-SP1,
i.e. lower version than provided by 13.2 so that some users might find
features missing or regressions reintroducing bugs already fixed in
13.2. The prevailing opinion is that these risks outweigh the advantage
of SLE kernel stability and maintenance. Of course, there were also
voices saying it's simply "too old" (even if there was no 13.2) and that
we need something recent which added up to the result.

This is a one-time only situation. I believe 42.2 is going to have a 4.4
kernel based on SLE12-SP2. The real question IMHO is what we get in 42.3
but it's too early to even guess. That is what I see as the real proving
point of the Leap concept.

                                                          Michal Kubecek

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