On Monday 11 April 2016, Michal Kubecek wrote:
> On Mon, Apr 11, 2016 at 01:00:42PM +0200, Ruediger Meier wrote:
> > Lately I was hoping for the new "SLE-based" LEAP release model. But
> > actually it looks like a broken mix of SLE and Tumbleweed. Why it
> > doesn't have the same base as SLE-12 as promised (kernel, systemd)?
> Can't talk about systemd but for kernel, the answer is well known. At
> the time of 42.1 release, SLE kernel would mean 3.12 one from
> SLE12-SP1, i.e. lower version than provided by 13.2 so that some
> users might find features missing or regressions reintroducing bugs
> already fixed in 13.2.

There are also other packages downgraded from 13.2 to 42.1. This was already 
clear when the definition of 42.1 was made: "based on SLE-12"

That's why I've never installed any 13.2. It was known that it will be a  blind 

> The prevailing opinion is that these risks 
> outweigh the advantage of SLE kernel stability and maintenance.

Why do we care for _opinions_ in this case? People had agreed that Leap should 
be based on SLE. Not even using the kernel from SLE shows really obvious that 
we cannot expect SLE-like stability in Leap.

> Of 
> course, there were also voices saying it's simply "too old" (even if
> there was no 13.2) and that we need something recent which added up
> to the result.

IMHO people who think two-year old software is too old should neither use Leap 
nor SLE but Tumbleweed. Such people will never have a benfit from LTS Distros 
anyways and they should not have influence on the development of LTS distros 
like Leap.

> This is a one-time only situation. I believe 42.2 is going to have a
> 4.4 kernel based on SLE12-SP2.


> The real question IMHO is what we get 
> in 42.3 but it's too early to even guess. That is what I see as the
> real proving point of the Leap concept.

I don't believe that stability will ever win in openSUSE. Docracy will win 
again. There is no way to keep things as is if 2-3 people wants to upgrade or 
replace something.

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