Bruno Friedmann composed on 2016-04-22 08:51 (UTC+0200):

Stangely on mirrors and download.o.o in update/13.1 there's no more kernel 3.12
The metadata were created April 20th.

Someone has an idea of what happenned ?

I read somwhere 3.12 was causing some people some regression problems that 3.11 didn't have, so must have been rescinded.[Bug%20creation]&chfieldfrom=8m&chfieldto=Now&classification=openSUSE&component=Kernel&list_id=3812254&product=openSUSE%2013.1&query_format=advanced seems to confirm.

3.12 can still be had from

3.12 is the only 13.1 kernel any of my systems has booted in over a year IIRC.
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