Le 25/04/2016 16:54, Carlos E. R. a écrit :
On 2016-04-25 15:53, jdd wrote:

before I start an extensive bug search, is there something in the recent
release that could have set this up?

After the last update (two week packages) I lost network. Had to restart
network, dns and postfix, at least. On one machine only.

weird :-(

here, the web server did work, but not postfix (last mail on april 22 - last cron report on april 22, 3:00)

after reboot, the server do not reboot, not even ping.

last notice was "Our services come to intervene to block an attack
incoming on the server" from my host provider

so I can only access it through rescue system (like the openSUSE rescue one)

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