Le 25/04/2016 17:46, Bruno Friedmann a écrit :

Then try to chroot in main /opensuse

yes, I'm used to that

once in, you will be able to at least check the log (journal?)

journalctl says "no journal"

to see what kind of traffic goes from internet to your server.

I see nothing weird in the logs

anyway I stopped (disabled) apache and postfix, and all what I added myself to let only sshd, but still no boot

the message is almost like a kind of DDOS against your server.
Perhaps you became famous ? :-)
But if it is the case, normally you should have a ticket in the support system.
And you perhaps have to check a check box saying I'm ok now and fixed the stuff.

How could I fix a ddos attack?

The ISP message said initially that I was protected for one hour...

and when the defect was first detected the ISP monitoring noticed it and the ISP admin said the server was displaying login prompt but not responding to ping so -> rescue console and my problem.

After some tests, I reboot and let see what the ISP says, after that I don't see other than a reinstall. No other idea

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