after the latest update to version 4.2.4-3.54.2, I can't connect to windows 
2000 boxes
any more. I figured that there is an update in the pipeline for 13.2 and leap:


with the following changelog:
Thu Apr 28 13:36:01 UTC 2016 - nopo...@suse.com

- fix NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED when accessing windows public share;
- Only validate MIC if "map to guest" is not being used; (bso#11847).
- NetAPP SMB servers don't negotiate NTLMSSP_SIGN; (bso#11850).
- Fix non-working anonymous smb connections; (bso#11858).
- handle broken mechListMIC response from Windows 2000; (bso#11870).
- wbinfo -u or net ads search doesn't work anymore; (bso#11872).

unfortunately this fix is not yet available for 13.1.

I tried to build it myself, but somehow OBS seems to be broken:
OBS installs outdated versions of libtdb, libtevent et al.,
although there are official updates available.

So build fails with the message
"ERROR: System library tdb of version 1.3.6 not found"

(Could it be that Evergreen updates are not available within OBS ?)

Could someone provide a build of the fixed samba packages for Opensuse 13.1 ?

Looking at the changelog, this latest samba hardening attempt seems to be
a complete disaster...

Thanks a lot!

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