Am 13.05.2016 um 17:23 schrieb Noel Power:
> On 13/05/16 16:03, Manfred Schwarb wrote:
>> Am 12.05.2016 um 22:56 schrieb Manfred Schwarb:
> [...]
>> There is now a repository for 13.1:
>> I tested it, and it works for me, FWIW.
> so... this is in no way a supported repo, I don't even know how long it
> will exist (probably until I get a mail from obs to clean stuff up) I
> only built it because of the comment
>> I tried to build it myself, but somehow OBS seems to be broken:
>> OBS installs outdated versions of libtdb, libtevent et al.,
>> although there are official updates available.
> I didn't have any problem building it for 13.1, I don't know what plans
> there are wrt evergreen community and provision of an update, don't
> depend on the repo above, it may not exist for much longer

We accept update requests or would pull in patches ourselves if we know
what to pull.
The repository above contains many changes compared to current 13.1
version and I cannot easily assess what the risk is to pull the full set.


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