On 13/05/16 16:56, Wolfgang Rosenauer wrote:
> We accept update requests or would pull in patches ourselves if we know
> what to pull.
in the series file the patches the entries marked bso 11849 are the
relevant upstream post backlock fixes, see the upstream bug for more details
> The repository above contains many changes compared to current 13.1
> version and I cannot easily assess what the risk is to pull the full set.
sure understood, like I said this is not anything representative of what
evergreen should release, this repo was purely just a test to see if
there was some specific build issue that perhaps I could comment on/help
with, it was never meant to be published for wider consumption.
The (many) differences you mention represent both the post backlock
fixes *and* other suse/sled related fixes shipped in 13.2, you probably
are only interested just in the post backlock patches mentioned above
(e.g. bso 11849) for evergreen

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