Patrick Schaaf wrote:

> And another one with latest systemd on 13.1:
> triggered by cronjobs running as some normal user, my logs now
> "constantly" contain the list of messages shown below.
> That was not the case with earlier systemd packages, even earlier 210
> ones.
> I already have some other rsyslog filters for similar stuff, but the
> amount of different messages here, makes me reluctant to go down the
> fiter-it-away route further...
> Maybe somebody knows the root cause + could make it go away? :)

It does seem excessive to log 41 messages for every cronjob.  However,
it is not for every cronjob, possibly only for user cronjobs. Jobs for
root only log 8 lines.  I think it might be the systemd "User Manager"
that is overly chatty. 
The "User Manager" is started as instances of:


Try your own user for instance:  systemctl status user@1000  (assuming
you are uid 1000)

I though I would be able to reduce this by adding "Loglevel=notify"
to /etc/systemd/user.conf, but:

systemd[2034]: [/etc/systemd/user.conf:11] Invalid log level'notify':
Operation not permitted

BTW, the same issue is present on 13.2 and until very recently also on
Leap421.  On Leap421 the User Manager was also very chatty for root,
but that stopped on 2016-05-14 10:00, probably due to some updates I

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