Dear readers,

lest it surprises you, too, here's Yet Another Recent Systemd Update Surprise:

for a long time, I've been spared the dreaded ethX renumbering when moving 
hard disks from server to server and/or switching MAC addresses / motherboards 

Today I noticed that after the last round of systemd updates for 13.1, it 
rears its ugly head again.

The old trick of creating the file empty, does not work any more - upon reboot 
it is filled again with fresh information.

I did not notice this before because as an additional surprise, whatever 
creates the file, creates it empty in my VMs (which I test restarted and which 
often change their MAC addresses...)

But today I cloned a host config to some new machines, and then it hit...

Probably nothing that will change - but you might want to examine your 
practise and/or change your automation accordingly.

best regards
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