Am 13.05.2016 um 17:56 schrieb Wolfgang Rosenauer:
> Am 13.05.2016 um 17:23 schrieb Noel Power:
>> On 13/05/16 16:03, Manfred Schwarb wrote:
>>> Am 12.05.2016 um 22:56 schrieb Manfred Schwarb:
>> [...]
>>> There is now a repository for 13.1:
>>> I tested it, and it works for me, FWIW.
>> so... this is in no way a supported repo, I don't even know how long it
>> will exist (probably until I get a mail from obs to clean stuff up) I
>> only built it because of the comment

Just a short update:
The update seems to be in an endless loop, everybody is waiting for
a SLE-12 update or so.

The repository of Noel Power is no longer available, but you
can find a fixed version at
(It is a branch of the hanging update requests for Leap and 13.2,
it will stay alive until this issue is fixed in 13.1_Update)


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