Axel Braun composed on 2016-11-02 14:12 (UTC+0100):

That looks OK to me - it installs the Radeon driver for the Mobility X600 chip
(yes, its quite old)
and it claims that it does not find the legacy fglrx driver.

That's nonsense message with fglrx not installed and radeon available.

No other EE messages

This is interresting, If I go into the runlevel editor in Yast it does not
offer anyrunlevels to set (expert mode) - the combo-box is empty!

Runlevels do not exist in systemd releases. S, 1, 2, 3, 5, exist as aliases for kernel cmdlines at boot time, corresponding as close as they can matching up systemd targets to historical runlevels.

Anyway, systemctl get-default issues as result.
Having set this once again, and rebootet, the output during boot is still
'Reached target graphical interface'

So...even if the Default_WM would have changed, it should at least reach the
login screen
Switching console with ALT-Fx, terminal login and startx still works...

Any other ideas?

I have KDE3/KDM3 on 13.1 on X600 (but not Mobility). Greeter works normally. Sessions run normally. Ctrl-Alt-Fn works normally.
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