On Fri, Nov 04, 2016 at 06:14:49PM +0100, Simon Becherer wrote:
> i am surprised, today i recogniced that you have a kernel
> update for 11.4? is this correct?
> from 3.0.101-102.1 to 3.0.101-105.1

It was supposed to be just an update fixing recent serious vulnerability
known as "Dirty Cow" (CVE-2016-5195, bsc#1004418) but then I realized
I forgot to actually submit the previous kernel update in May. That's why
the changelog diff looks rather strange.

Anyway, 11.4 is definitely missing lot of other important security fixes
so anyone still running it somewhere is strongly advised to upgrade
(Leap 42.2 seems to be the most reasonable choice at the moment, at
least for servers).

                                                           Michal Kubeček
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