On vendredi, 27 janvier 2017 18.37:20 h CET Simon Becherer wrote:
> Hi there,
> i like to know, what did all the guys did, who has used evergreen here since
> evergreen at all is eol?
> -> going to leap       ?
> -> going to tumbleweed ?
> -> forget opensuse and go to another lts distro?
> and second, did anybody has made an update from 11.4evrgreen to tumbleweed,
> because the update article there did only cover leap and 13.2
> thanks for info's,
> simoN

Going to leap is certainly the right choice in terms of LTS.
Upgrading a gnome3 box from 42.1 to 42.2 is question of minutes (okay with a 
i3 5th gen and ssd). 

Upgrading from 13.1 to 42.1,2 is possible I recommand a cold upgrade (you boot 
the newer installer, and it will find the previous installation).

If you want to use btrfs snapshot I recommand to start from scratch so the 
initial volumes and all its subvolumes are setup as expected by snapper.

11.4 would need to much step (but perhaps a cold upgrade could work).


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