I think taking a fundamental look at this problem could be fruitful. Here is 
an idea from an article that I have been working on hopefully to publish.

Imagine the MW to be total chaos (like the primeval chaos, Tohu va Bohu, full 
of potentialities but with nothing inside???) . Time could then be explained 
as follows: The anthropic principle CONSTRAINS the LINK from one "time" to 
another "time" only in those cases where PHYSICAL LAWS ARE RATIONAL. In fact 
the anthropic principle is applied every Planck's time at the level of the 
MW.  I think this is a new version of the anthropic principle.  Time is then 
explained as anthropically constrained links between "points" in the MW. 

Consciousness requires rationality, Hence the world we perceive must be 

Thus the rationality of the mind and the rationality of the world can be 
ANTHROPIC TIME LINKAGE IN THE MW.From the the point of view of each conscious 
entity, the world appears rational, but in fact the observed world is an 
infinitesimally thin section of the chaotic MW. And there is an infinite 
number of those thin sections embedded in the much larger MW. The time 
linkage is NOT LINEAR but more like a NET. We have many futures as well as 
many pasts all anthropically AND rationally constrained. A gigantic fractal.


PS. We don't see flying elephants because we don't look closely enough. If we 
had the means and the patience to do so QM predicts that such a phenomenon 
would eventually pop up. The rationality of the world is limited by QM. Could 
QM also define the limit of consciousness? Are these two limits identical?

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