>If the world was not quantized the comp hypothesis would not hold.

Only if my generalised brain is the entire universe.
Look at my discussion with Niklas Thisel. Comp entails
that, from the first person perspective some 
universal feature of our observable neighborhood will
appears non-finite, non-discrete, non-computable, etc.

So I agree with Russell here!
When you say:

>A continuous universe would not by emulable by a Turing 

You are right! For the same reason you cannot emulate
real randomness with a UTM. But it is easy to explain
why UTM are right to identify real randomness with
the result of self-localisation after self-duplication-like

To sum up roughly:
3-determinisme => 1-indeterminisme
3-locality => 1-non-locality
3-discreteness => 1-continuum (existence of)
3-computability => 1-uncomputability


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