We don't colonize the galaxy. There is more to it:
WE may be the colonized world. The zookeeper is hidden (sometimes revealed
in revelations) and we just provide nourishment (without really knowing:
what). (Ideational porocucts? emotions? doubt? not flesh).
The colonization may use dimensions beyond our comprehension, maybe viruses
are the masters' Earth-used tools with their adaptive capabilities beyond
our control. (referring to the  the varieties of resistant strains that
survive our feeble intrusion with drugs). They let us play around with
physics and biology of our development. Also: to "feel" smart.
A more advanced variation: the 'masters' are from another universe in the
Multiverse, where capabilities evolved to visit universes (which we lack)
and so they found the spot here where a 'colony' of unknown services could
be establishe and evolved. Their impact may have started at the stage of an
evolved thinking tool with implanting religious ideas to impose their rules.

Whoever has evidence against such history should say so. I don't accept
plain ignorance.

John Mikes

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From: Russell Standish <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Date: Wednesday, August 02, 2000 1:21 AM
Subject: Extra Terrestrials

>I've just finished reading "Extraterrestrials: Where are they?" by
>Zuckerman and Hart. It really scotches the idea that SETI might
>actually be successful, even though the Fermi paradox is a bit
>overdone "Any ET civilisation  of substantial duration would have
>colonised the Galaxy by now. So where are they?"
>However, Gott raises an interesting point. Anthropic reasoning eg
>Doomsday argument really rules out galactic colonisation - at least
>for our reference class. It would appear that the Doomsday argument is
>in direct contradiction with the Fermi paradox. I am rather
>uncomfortable about this, and my preference would be to accept the
>Fermi paradox argument over the anthropic reasoning.
>Any comments?
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