I've done a little more research on MWI and QTI, and I have a few questions. 
  First of all, there is a theorem which states that choosing a random 
number out of a set of n numbers, labelled 1 to n, will give a general idea 
of the size of the set.  For example, if the randomly chosen number is 7, 
you can deduce that there is a high probability that the set does not 
consist of very many numbers.  But if you choose 1 billion, you know the set 
is very large.  This principle, I assume, (and read about, called the 
Doomsday Principle), applies to us.  Assuming you are an SAS, randomly 
assigned to a single concioucness within this universe, then you must either 
1.  The set of past SAS's is infinite, and therefore there must have been 
SAS's before the big bang.
2.  The set of future SAS's is finite.
If you do not assume either of these, then you must assume that the set of 
past SAS's is finite, and the set of future SAS's is infinite. But the 
chance of being randomly assigned to an SAS that does not live in a time 
that has an infinite future and past set of SAS's is infinitely small, and 
can therefore be discarded.
So either life has been going on forever and will always go on, or it 
started at a certain point and will end at a certain point (which goes 
against MWI).
Is this a proof that life has always existed?

Second question: when people talk about the quantum suicide experiment, they 
talk about it as though only one universe, or only the likely ones, are 
real.  For example, some people say that the only thing stopping them from 
committing quantum suicide is that they'll be leaving behind loved ones in 
the universe in which they did die.  But if every universe is real, then it 
doesn't matter, because that universe will exist whether they commit quantum 
suicide or not.  It sounds like they are assuming that only two worlds are 
real: the one in which they leave behind loved ones, and the one in which 
they still survive.  What is the right way to look at this?

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