On Thu, 10 Dec 1998, Gilles HENRI wrote:
> >Unfortunately because currently accepted decision theory makes some
> >metaphysical assumptions, it can be compatible with a spacially infinite
> >universe but not with MWI. Basicly decision theory depends on the idea of
> >alternate realities and the notion that an individual chooses the actual
> >reality among the alternatives as he makes decisions and acts upon them.
> >But according to MWI, all alternatives are real and have predetermined
> >measures.

If MWI is true and if every possible decision is made in one universe, it is
clear that the concept of decision has no sense. This leads to the collapse
of ethics. But MWI and other theories are mental constructs subjects to
doubt, and  the error is much more serious in one sense than in the other :
if one thinks that decisions have no sense, but in fact they have (if MWI is
false, or perhaps also if Multiple Minds interpretation is true), this is
catastrophic : one could make no efforts to reach his goals, thinking that
everything is perdeterminated (at the level of all worlds), but in fact only
one world (in which he will not reach his goals) will become true if MWI is
false. But in the other sense, the error has no importance. The situation is
similar to Pascal's Bet. This consideration could lead to a rather strange
position for the MWI believers : believe that MWI is true, but act as if it
was false, in the case they were wrong.
See also http://www.byoc.com/homepage/134885/text/metaphys/thesebm.htm

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