Hi Ken

This is also something Han Moravec identified. It's true that Everett does
not say this explicitly, but it is implicit in his paper, at least the way I
read it. But I'm really just following Deutsch, and a few discussions with
Rainer Plaga. 

Essentially, MWI is no better than Copenhagen if this is not true as there
is a mystery consciousness link initiating a split.


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> Hi James
> > What's up with the list? I seem not to heve received anything since
> > 20th November. Did I unsubscribe by mistake? And where's the archive?
> I've received 10 messages since then and I'm still able to access 
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> > Comments, please, on the following piece for inclusion in the Journal of
> the
> > Buddhist society. Notification of any actual inaccuracies will be
> especially
> > welcome.
> I think it's good and I didn't find any inaccuracies, but I do have a 
> question. You say:
> "According to Everett's MWI, the universe is branching off every 
> Planck Time [1e-43 second] into countless billions of other 
> universes, each an unmoving snapshot in time, and each branching out 
> in turn."
> You've suggested in several of your posts to this list and the avoidl 
> list that the universe branches *"every Planck time"*, but I've never 
> found another source that seems so sure about it. I'd be interested 
> if you have any references.
> It's certainly not the view, for example, of the mwi faq at 
> http://www.hedweb.com/everett/everett.htm#do which says:
> "Worlds irrevocably "split" at the sites of measurement-like
> interactions associated with thermodynamically irreversible 
> processes..."
> I'd very much appreciate comments about this either from you or 
> from anyone else on the list.
> Ken Fisher

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