WAP does not forbid anything, except things which would not allow us to
exist.  The Price paragraph you quote is absurd out of context.

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> evolve us
> Higgo, James, <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, writes:
> > There are no 'backwards in time regions' - the entire universe is as
> much
> > backward in time as it is forward in time.  You really need to read Huw
> > Price.  And Deutsch, to understand that what we perceive as the flow of
> > time is just one of many relationships between different universes.
> I have read Deutsch, and I will look at Huw Price's book.  However I must
> say after reading his web page at
> http://plato.stanford.edu/price/TAAP.html
> that I was not happy to read:
> : But if we are to avoid the double standard fallacy, we need to consider
> : time symmetrically, and take seriously the possibility that the arrow
> : of time may reverse when the universe recollapses into a "big crunch."
> When I know that someone is leading up to an absurd conclusion like
> this one, it is hard for me to read him with an open mind.
> I still don't see how the Anthropic Principle forbids universes with a
> mixture of forwards- and backwards-time regions.  As long as we evolve in
> a forwards-time area we should be protected from backwards-time effects.
> But once we look out into new regions we should expect to see some where
> time is running backwards, if all that prevented it was the AP.
> Hal

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