> Dear John
> Many thanks for sending me your papers. I read 'a difficulty'..
> for MWI with interest. The doomsday argument has been
> much discussed on the everything-list discussion group
> largely due to the influence of Nick Bostrom, who runs
> anthropic-Principle.com.  It's an intriguing idea but Standard
> Life are still willing to bet 1 million to 1 that it is flawed.
> But let's say that the overwhelming likelihood is that we are
> milliseconds from annihilation. Like the vacuum collapse, this
> only adds strength to Deutsch-style-MWI-plus-assumption-
> that-we-only-experience-universes-in-which-we-exist (or QTI
> for short). See http://www.higgo.com/qti.
> From this moment on, 99.99...% of subsequent branches are
> dead ends, due to a vacuum collapse, or perhaps simply
> because there are no causal relationships: the branch will
> lead to a world of random disorder. But we don't experience
> the worlds we don't exist in, and we are still left with an
> infinite number of worlds ahead of us. This process continues
> ad infinitum.
> The contributor base of the everything-list  is currently in the
> thrall of these ideas despite Jacques Mallah's valient lone
> efforts to dissuade us. Any fresh ideas would be very
> welcome.
> With best wishes,
> James Higgo

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