>It seems that most of the people on this mailing list have read a lot more 
>about the topics of discussion thal I have.  Where can I read about such 
>things as the Dovetail Argument, conciousness with comp, Church's thesis, 
>etc.  There's a lot of stuff I don't understand, and I want to read up on 

The answer could depend on the time you are willing to invest in these

If you want read only one good introductory book, read 

BOOLOS G. S. and JEFFREY R. C. Computability and Logic, Cambridge 
Press, 3rd edition 1989.

I learn a lot in the very classical book by KLEENE S. C., Introduction
to Metamathematics, North-Holland, 1952.

The bible is the selected original papers by DAVIS M, 1965, The 
Raven Press, Hewlett, New York.
It contains the Godel'papers, and those by Church, Kleene, Rosser, Turing,
Post and also the (never published before) incredible anticipation by Post
in the twinties. Post papers are my favorite and I think  supersede all
the others (Don't infer I agree with all what he said).

A nice and relevant, but mechanisticaly minded, book on Church's Thesis 
Judson WEBB, 1980, Mechanism, Mentalism and Metamathematics: An essay
on Finitism. D. Reidel Pub. Company, Dordrecht, Holland.

For the provability logics search in the archive the name BOOLOS and 
Or look in the bibliography of my thesis.

For comp and consciousness and the dovetail argument see my thesis.


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