Higgo James wrote:
> Trying to derive SE from AUH is like trying to derive 'Jacques Mallah' from
> AUH. 
> It's very easy: all universes exists, so some thoughts of the cleass "the SE
> is -i hbar d/dt psi = H psi" exist.
> Some thoughts of the class "why is  the SE -i hbar d/dt psi = H psi" also
> exist - and by WAP we shouldn't wonder why we *are* (not think, but are)
> such a thought. If we weren't, we wouldn't wonder it...
> James

This is a very glib response that doesn't do justice to the
question. In essence you are saying that the SE is due to some kind of
symmetry breaking. If true, than I will immediately ask what is the
symmetry that is being broken, and why is the symmetrical disallowed?

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