Thinking about it I have a revised initiation proposal.

One can start with one of two possible extremes: Nothing or Everything.

Nothing is incomplete because it can not answer the question of its own 
stability which it must do. Conclusion: Nothing is unstable due to 

Everything is the complete collection of all maximum sized [i.e. countably 
infinite as per Turing's use of Cantor's diagonal argument.] FAS so [again 
per Turing's use of Cantor's diagonal argument i.e. still no decision 
procedure.] it is a collection of complete but inconsistent FAS. 
Conclusion: Everything is unstable due to inconsistency.

Therefore both Nothing and Everything must go to the middle ground and 
become Something - what I have called a Superverse - a seething foamy 
fractal of bifurcations isomorphic to zeros and ones.

In order to maintain the zero absolute information from which it started 
the Superverse would have to be in continuous random flux - a dynamic.

Superverse dynamic: Individual incomplete fc-FAS - isomorphic to universes 
- crystallize out of the Superverse, grow by incompleteness resolution to 
be countably infinite at which point their consequent inconsistency will 
destroy them and they melt back into the Superverse.

That seems to provide the symmetry and dynamic I was looking for at this 
portion of my model.


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