Bruno said:

> I got Roy Frieden's book, on the use of Fisher Information to
> derive some physical laws.
> Damned ! It is not easy. In particular Frieden is not clear on his
> philosophical and physical assumptions. It will take some time 
> before I can conclude if his approach is relevant for "our concern".
> My intuitive brain (or my little finger, if you prefer) tells me that
> there is something appealing there ...
> My analytical brain tells me to revise Statistics and Variation Calculus 
> ...

I agree, he's not at all clear about his assumptions - some of them 
seem to be highly contrived to produce the correct results!

> I have find some commentaries on that question in:

Stephen Paul King has some more links on the subject at
and you might also like to join the time list (details of joining at where there has been quite a lot of 
discussion about the book recently.


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