On Mon, 23 Aug 1999, Jacques M. Mallah wrote:
>       Life will continue but with decreasing measure.  Still it seems
> that you can make a refutable prediction: namely, that the universe we are
> in is not optimised for us to be here, but is optimised to give you a long
> lifetime.  Basically you are saying that what the measure ratio (say,
> between two universes) will be in the future affects the measure ratio in
> the present.  For example a universe in which lives decay polynomially
> would be favored over one in which they decay exponentially.

        This may be confusing since I mixed apples with oranges.  I should
have said "the universes in which the (absolute) SSA would predict a
slower decrease in measure", since, with the relative SSA, those universes
would *increase* in measure.

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